Approximately 150 million additional children are living in multidimensional poverty – without access to essential services – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the analysis jointly carried out by Save the Children and UNICEF.

Children are amongst the worst affected by the global pandemic. Especially the ones living in already disadvantaged communities of third world countries.

Millions of children from underprivileged communities are now dealing with violence, exploitation, lack of food safety and nutrition, a higher chance of drop out from schools along with higher risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The global pandemic has also increased gender inequality as child marriage and child labour is becoming more and more prevalent. The worst affected are children who were already disadvantaged pre-covid, but now have become especially vulnerable due to issues like loss of family income.

Meet Harish

*names have been changed for safety reasons

Harish's Story

Harish is a 14 year old we have been working with for the past 5 years in our Jasola community. While the initial years showed massive impact on Harish’s learning and growth, the next couple years - as he neared teenage - Harish started showing signs of deviance, detonating performance in school and violence.

In 2019, as our basketball intervention began, we were able to divert Harish’s curiosities and energy in a positive direction with the team sport. He quickly became the most dedicated and responsible child of the group. With a re-established relationship with the team and other verticals, he was also trying to perform better at school.

But, as soon as the pandemic and lockdown hit, Harish was left stuck at home - with no basketball or school to help him concentrate his energy into growth instead of negative activities.

Today, he has been sent to his native village by the extremely concerned mother. Her motivation is to keep him away from the readily available negative influences in the semi-urban setting, but unfortunately, the decision has also driven Harish away from a future full of learning and opportunities.

The current scenario in a vulnerable child’s world

  • In India, closure of 1.5 million schools due to the pandemic and lockdown in 2020 has impacted 247 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools.

  • Pre-COVID, only a quarter of households (24 per cent) in India had access to the internet, which only got worse due to pandemic as communities below the poverty line did not have enough resources for it - this has severely affected the digital learning plan.

  • Schools for more than 168 million children globally have been completely closed for almost an entire year due to COVID-19 lockdowns, as of March 2020. 188 countries imposed countrywide school closures during the pandemic, affecting more than 1.6 billion children and youth.

  • At least a third of the world’s school children – 463 million children globally – were unable to access remote learning when COVID-19 shuttered their schools.

  • In the past, school closures have led to an increase in child marriage and child labour which often prevent children from continuing their education.

  • In developing countries, the number of children living in monetary-poor households could increase by 142 million.

  • In developing countries, the number of children living in monetary-poor households could incrAt least 463 million – or 31 per cent – of school children worldwide cannot be reached by digital and broadcast remote learning. ease by 142 million.

  • Over 2 million additional children under-five could die during the next 12 months due to the impact of COVID-19.

This Is Where We Come In

We bully our brains and muddy our shoes to make sure that these kids get an education. This is how we make it possible:-

Supporting Digital Learning

Educational video content is created and shared. Weekly worksheets are delivered to children to ensure no gap in learning experience. Recharges are done to help children access their institutional digital classes. The lockdown period was utilised to increase the capacity of the on-ground team as well.

Identifying & Supporting Vulnerable Children

Identifying specially vulnerable children and connecting them with donors who supported them through the times of pandemic.

Cooked Food Distribution

With support and collaborations we distribute cooked meals to hundreds of marginalised families.

Dry Ration Distribution

While the government was planning and setting up relief policies and centres for underprivileged and migrants, we began distributing dry ration to around 200 families each month.

Data & Information Collection

We conduct surveys in multiple marginalised communities to measure the impact of pandemic on disadvantaged children

The pandemic has only made our resolve to not giving up on disadvantaged children stronger. But we CAN’T DO IT ALONE! We need your support - if you feel reluctant to go to these communities yourself and risk your health, help our team in making the impact that you intend to make. Our ground team puts their health at risk everyday to ensure that these children are not left behind in these dire conditions.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

We keep absolute transparency in our work so that every donor can clearly see how their money is being utilised for good.

Vulnerable Children

The global pandemic has left some vulnerable children even more so. We work with children with heartbreaking stories of having life altering medical conditions but lost monetary resources for treatment or an 8 year old girl sacrificing her childhood to look after her younger siblings because the pandemic has forced her mother to go to work now.

To Continue Academic Classes

The lockdown has taken away institutional education from many children. These children are now at the risk of dropping out and having their lives changed forever. We are rigorously engaging with these children to ensure that doesn't happen and your support will help run these classes safely and effectively.

Health & Safety Of Our Staff

We provide safety kits to our team members who are ensuring that we continue to support children and their families through these trying times. The kits include PPE kits, conveyance cost for private transport, accessibility to the internet to maximize distance work and building their capacity for the same.

Journey so far

But we need your help to do it again. Here is a lookback at the milestones of the RTE School Admission Drive '18

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