1 in every 4 children below the age of 14 can’t write their own name, according to ASER 2018. We aim to change that.

Through this campaign, we aim to help kids between the ages of 6 and 14 achieve their dreams - starting from helping them to learn how to read and write.

Through conducting rallies, making house visits and holding community sessions with children and parents, we aim to spread awareness about RTE and enroll a growing number of students to schools than we were able to achieve in our School Admission Drive 2018.

We are able to pursue this noble endeavour through the Right to Education (RTE) Act of India, which makes education a free and compulsory right of every child between the age of 6 and 14.

Meet Preeti

*names have been changed for safety reasons

Preeti's Story

She has a younger sister. She dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up so that she can school all the kids in her neighbourhood. But today, at the age of 7, her dream is very far away as she has trouble writing her own name. Or even reading more than a handful of words.

This is because she has stopped going to school altogether. Her alcoholic father, who beats her mother whenever he is sober enough to land a punch or two, often steals all the money from her home to fuel his addiction. These unfortunate circumstances have forced Preeti to accompany her mother to work as domestic help every day.

The burden of household responsibilities weigh heavily on her little shoulders, and she finds herself spending her days cleaning dishes, washing clothes and scrubbing floors when she should be spending this precious time of her youth playing with friends, reading books, solving math problems and writing essays on her favourite animal.

The only way Preeti can become a teacher now is if she goes back to school - which is where BucketList’s #HELPMEWRITE campaign plays such a vital role. Please read on if you’re curious to know how we aim to help kids like Preeti..

What is RTE?

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE) effective from April 2010 was enforced in India to make free education a fundamental right of every child aged between 6 to 14 years.

“Free education” implies that no child in that age bracket would be liable to pay any kind of fees or expenses which may prevent him or her from pursuing and completing elementary education.

“Compulsory education” obligates the Central and State Government and the local authorities to implement this fundamental right of every child. They are required by law to provide and ensure admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by ALL children in the specified age group.


The RTE Act of India is far from perfect.

It places the onus for a child’s education completely on the government and none on the parents - an inefficient method which has caused 34 million+ children covered by RTE to still not be enrolled to school.

Another drawback of RTE stems from a point which might look like an advantage. “No child can be held back in any class during elementary education.” While this factor is good at ensuring retention rates of enrolled children, it does little help to ensure that the child has learnt or will learn enough to rightfully secure promotion.

Another pain point of RTE is it’s capping of the age of 14. Children who have successfully completed education till class 8th must have the privilege of pursuing higher education as well.

This Is Where We Come In

We bully our brains and muddy our shoes to make sure that these kids get an education. This is how we make it possible:-

Identification of Children

We recognize and compile a list of children between 6 to 14 who aren’t enrolled in any school currently.

Organize RTE Rallies

We organize at least 2 rallies through the target communities to spread the word about our campaign, to invite applications and to raise awareness about RTE and the importance of education.

Documentation Process

Applying for enrollment involves preparing necessary documents and getting them sanctioned by Government authorities, for children who don’t have these prepared.

House Visits

For one on one conversation with parents about enrolling their children to school, discussing RTE, understanding their issues and empowering them to practice the right for best results.

Community Sessions with Parents

Bringing together the community to understand their RTE related needs as a whole, addressing their doubts and queries and empowering them as a community to build support systems amongst themselves.

Form Registration for Admissions

Aiding in the form completion process for the smooth enrollment of children to school through RTE.

We aim to send children to a formal educational institution to ensure their learning is certified as well. Without which, we all know, future becomes slightly more difficult.
Did you know that It takes a mere ₹1,100 to send an impoverished child to school? We wholeheartedly request you to donate to this noble cause. Together, we can help brighten a child’s future, forever.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

We keep absolute transparency in our work so that every donor can clearly see how their money is being utilised for good.


The process of applying for enrollment of children who live on the streets or re-settlement colonies & do not have basic identity & resident proof is a tedious one which involves the cost of preparing necessary documents and getting them sanctioned by Government authorities.

School Necessities

All enrolled children are given school bags, basic stationery, relevant textbooks and shoes to walk to school to make their first and most difficult year the easiest on the young students and their families.

Operational Cost

Countless man hours and procedural costs are required to locate our kids, discover & formulate their relevant documents and to get them finally admitted to school.

Journey so far

But we need your help to do it again. Here is a lookback at the milestones of the RTE School Admission Drive '18

  • 25000+ : People we educated about the act and its importance.

  • 2000+ : People we outreached directly in person.

  • 130+ : Children we successfully got admitted to school.

  • ₹1,10,000+ : Funds we raised with your help.

  • 70+ : Funds we raised with your help.

  • 1 Kit: Containing a school bag, a new pair of shoes and set of all textbooks and stationery for every child we admitted.

  • 70+ Adhaar Cards : Procured in support with Salaam Baalka & NCPCR.

  • Thanks to our collective effort, every child living under theJasola flyover and below the age of 14 today is going to school.

Spread the word

Stats show that for almost every 2 shares, we get a new donation. Please spread the word about the good we’re trying to do to all your family, friends and peers. Your every share on social media helps us reach out and educate new people about RTE and the dire need for admitting children to school tremendously.

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You can transform lives of hundreds of street children today by donating. No amount is too small or big. Every penny of your support will go into saving someone’s childhood.

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