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Meet Our Kids

Sheetal's Story

Sheetal is the only sister to 2 older & 3 younger brothers & struggling to learn.

At the age 12, Sheetal went to school for the very first time under our School Admission Drive but that can never be enough for a girl in her situation.

While both her parents are away all day, trying to find a way to feed their children, Sheetal takes care of the house & the boys, while managing to never miss school. She even played an instrumental role in getting her younger brothers into school.

But how long do you think she will be able to continue her struggle without breaking under the pressure of so many responsibilities?

A girl like her deserves your support. A donation from you can ensure she continues chasing her dreams with full vigour.



Ramesh's Story

Ramesh is a 11 year old boy. An extremely sincere, sombre, responsible, soft-spoken child who is the oldest school going child of his family. Both his parents & 2 barely older brothers have sorted to fending for themselves & feeding the little ones.

As sincere as Ramesh might be, you can see the same fate as his brothers’ soon approaching him as well.

This is where he needs your support.

This is where you can change his life.

Your donation can help Ramesh continue his education without hurdles.



We are a non-profit organisation in India that works towards supporting underprivileged children reach their full potential - physical, mental as well as emotional.

We do so by keeping the very popular and repeatedly proven Framework for 21st Century Learning in mind.

how do we go about it

Keeping P21 framework in view, we have carefully selected the following verticals to work with:

changing the world is a team effort

Our supporters believed in what we do, and most importantly, they cared.

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They Care, Do You?

Here is how you can get involved and make a change.

Sponsor A Child

If you want to change the world, one wish at a time, help kids like Ramesh and Sheetal reach their full potential.

Pledge For A Cause

If there is a specific cause close to your heart.

Volunteer With Us

If you have some time that you can invest. What’s better than working with the kids directly and knowing that you made a difference.

Partner With Us

If you are an organisation who is looking to make a real positive impact for a better tomorrow as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.


You can transform lives of hundreds of street children today by donating. No amount is too small or big. Every penny of your support will go into saving someone’s childhood.

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